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Past Division Commanders Association

About Past Division Commanders Association

We want you... to make a better Auxiliary!

The Past Division Commanders Association exists to assist the Eleventh District (SR), United States Coast Guard Auxiliary and the United States Coast Guard in connection with any authorized Auxiliary activity, by utilizing the experience and expertise of those Auxiliary members who served as Division Commanders or, as previously known, Division Captains. The PDCA may conduct such activities as may be authorized or permitted by the Auxiliary Manual, District policy, or as may be assigned to the PDCA by the District Commodore.

PDCA Meetings are open to any member of the Auxiliary. If you are a former Division Captain or Division Commander, and are not already a member of the PDCA, you are encouraged to join us at a meeting and consider becoming a member.  Lifetime membership is $25. Download the registration form here.


For those members of the PDCA there are a lot of activities that need your knowledge and skill, below is a list of current activities, please indicate which ones you would like to assist with upon your membership.

  • D-Train Committee
    • Assist with planning, operations, and execution of D-Train Conference
  • Memorial Marker Service
    • Annual event held in May, over seen by Memorial Marker Committee
  • District Cruise and/or District Picnic
    • Committee would be responsible for time, location and feasibility
  • Speaker Bureau
    • Trained PA Specialists to do speaking engagements, interviews etc.
  • Member Training PowerPoints
    • Oversee the PowerPoint library available to District Flotilla Commanders for 10-15 minute presentations on various member training subjects.
  • Classified Ads
    • Maintain a Coast Guard Auxiliary equipment ads section on the District website; work with CS to keep the site current with postings.  Example:  facility for sale, projectors, etc.
  • Help Wanted
    • Maintain a Coast Guard Auxiliary help wanted section on the District website; work with CS to keep the site current with postings and receive applications, forwarded them to the originator of the ad.  Example:  Small Engine Mechanic needed for working on P1 pumps 
  • District Assets
    • Maintain and catalog a paper trail of all District owned assets.  Some may be from the Gold side and all from D11S District.


Currently, the PDCA is responsible for three major District events:

  • The District Conference
  • The Memorial Marker Service, and
  • The District Cruise
David Esparza<br>President, PDCA
David Esparza
President, PDCA


To apply the considerable knowledge and accumulated expertise of our Division Commanders in behalf of the Commodore's goals, and the good of the order.