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Operations Training

About Operations Training

The Operations Training Officer is a Training officer assigned to the Director's office to assist the Director. This officer usually is an active duty Chief Warrant officer, boatswain or chief petty officer.

In District 11SR, the Operations Training Officer (OTO) also serves as the Assistant Director. The programs below are typically delegated by the Director to the OTO.


  • Operations
  • Operational Training and Qualifications
  • Qualification and Acceptance of Operational Facilities (OPFACs)
  • Auxiliary Order Management System (AOMS) Coordinator
  • Qualification Examiners and Team Coordination Training Coordinator
  • Damage Claims
  • Assistant Policy Management
BOSN2 Robert Devoy, USCG
Operations Training Officer
BOSN2 Robert Devoy, USCG
Operations Training Officer


  • BOSN2 Robert Devoy, USCG
    Operations Training Officer, OTO
  • Michael D. Bick, QE
  • Daniel J. Dirkes, QE
  • David C. Esparza, QE
  • Roger W. Horner, QE
  • Michael C. Johnson, QE
  • Robert P. Mc Koy, QE
  • Ronald G. Mealey, QE
  • Thomas Pelosi, QE
  • Wako R. Winters, QE
  • Dale R. Zimmermann, QE
  • (As of 19 Nov 2019 03:19:59 PST)


Operations Training Job Aid Kit

Online Training Resources

Introduction to Risk Management Course 100202