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Vessel Examination

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About Vessel Examination

A Vessel Safety Check is a courtesy examination of your watercraft to verify the presence and condition of safety equipment required by State and the Federal regulations. The Vessel Examiner is a trained specialist and a member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. In addition to the examination, Vessel Examiners may make recommendations and discuss certain safety issues that will make you a safer boater. 
Watercraft eligible for Vessel Safety Checks include almost any type of watercraft, especially including paddle craft. Vessel Safety Checks may be accomplished along side a dock, in a launch ramp waiting area, on a trailered vessel in a drive way, or anywhere else a trailered vessel is stored. The owner/operator is provided a copy of the Vessel Safety Check results. The Vessel Examiner does not have any Enforcement authority. 
Links in this web page provide the opportunity for a vessel owner/operator to learn more about Vessel Safety Check subject matter, and to request a Vessel Safety Check. 
The District Vessel Examination department oversees the Auxiliary's vessel examination program at the district level. As part of that responsibility, subject matter guidance is provided to assist FSO-VEs in District 11 SR in accomplishing their broad responsibilities. Use of the Vessel Examiner Chain of Leadership is encouraged. 
Also included in this web site are specific instructions for the proper completion of Vessel Examinations for Auxiliary Operational Facility vessels. 

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This is the 2019 initial decal distribution spreadsheet

Frank B. Boice, DSO-VE
Frank B. Boice, DSO-VE


  • Frank B. Boice, DSO-VE
  • Lonny Bruce Singer, ADSO-VE
  • Jan T. Stenstrom, ADSO-VE
  • Martin Matthew Buncher, ADSO-VE
  • Robert John Hamming, ADSO-VE
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To minimize the loss of life, personal injury, property damage and environmental impact while maximizing the safe use and enjoyment of U.S. waterways by recreational boaters, through a process of "prevention through education, outreach and volunteer compliance".