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Public Education

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About Public Education

The Public Education Department is charged with training and certifying a cadre of experienced recreational boating safety instructors, in support of the Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary's mission to improve recreational boating safety through public education and outreach, and providing all necessary materials and support to that mission.


The Public Education district team provides staff support to the District relevant to the public education (PE) mission. This team is the vital link between the National Department of Education and Division PE staff.

The DSO-PE and ADSO-PE, if appointed, support the following programs:

  • Training, qualification, and currency maintenance of instructors;
  • Maintain the master Online Public Education Calendar;
  • Division outreach to promote PE, provide support, and assist with problem resolution;
  • PE oriented training at District and Division events;
  • On-demand, special staff officer training sessions for Divisions;
  • PE training at remote locations not served by Divisions.
  • Present timely reports at District meetings;
  • Pilot programs and coordination with National Department.
Michael D. Bick, DSO-PE
Michael D. Bick, DSO-PE


The Education Department strives to provide exceptional boating safety education to the American public with the aim of reducing loss of life, personal injury and property damage to recreational boaters; and to deliver the highest possible quality training, resources, and timely materials in support of our flotilla instructors and public education staff officers who are furnishing such boating safety education.