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Public Affairs

About Public Affairs

Public Affairs (PA) assists in publicizing the missions and accomplishments of the Coast Guard Auxiliary and the active-duty Coast Guard.


  • Community relations
  • Media relations
  • Internal relations

NEW! Speakers Bureau

We can all agree that sharing the Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary story with the general public is worthwhile and important. One beneficial tool would be a Speaker's Bureau staffed with interesting and competent subject matter experts who are willing to volunteer their time and talents to advance our mission.

Speaker's Bureaus have long been used by corporations, agencies and non-profit groups to offer presentations to the community. A speaker's bureau is a core group of speakers (either staff or volunteers) who are available for community meetings or gatherings. Creating our own district speakers bureau offers another opportunity to educate the public and act as a community resource.

This is an exciting new program! More information will be coming soon.

Alfred J. Verdi, DSO-PA
Alfred J. Verdi, DSO-PA


  • Alfred J. Verdi, DSO-PA
  • Richard M. Weiss, ADSO-PA
  • Henry A. Goldman, ADSO-PA
  • Jennifer Elizabeth Goode, ADSO-PA
  • Mark S. Himes, ADSO-PA
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