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Navigation Systems

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About Navigation Systems

The Navigation Systems department directly supports the U.S. Coast Guard in its responsibility for the establishment and maintenance of all Aids to Navigation on the waterways of the U.S., and NOAA, the NOS, and other Federal agencies in their responsibilities to provide navigation charts and other related information.


The District 11SR has five key programs that are focused on the coastal and inland waters of Arizona, Southern California, and Southern Nevada:

  • Federal Aids to Navigation (ATON): We are tasked with looking for and reporting any and all discrepancies to Federal aids to navigation;
  • Private Aids to Navigation (PATON): We execute special missions under Coast Guard orders, using certified Aids to Navigation Verifiers, to systematically visit, at least annually, every private aid to navigation listed in the Light List, in our area of responsibility (AOR), and to report any discrepancies found;
  • Chart Updating (CU): We assist auxiliarists in formally reporting observed discrepancies in nautical charts and publications such as the United States Coast Pilot.
  • Small Craft Facility Chart Updating (SCFU): We formally survey at least annually public marinas, boat harbors, and other public marine facilities for the sake of published small craft charts and facility guides.
  • Bridge Surveys: We are tasked with annually surveying all assigned bridge lighting and fender systems, and reporting discrepancies found during those surveys, or at any other time.
James A. Fipps, DSO-NS
James A. Fipps, DSO-NS


  • James A. Fipps, DSO-NS
  • James K. Louttit, ADSO-NS
  • Norman M. Bundek, ADSO-NS
  • Kenneth G. Clements, ADSO-NS
  • G Richard Reinhardt, ADSO-NS
  • Eric J. Castrobran, ADSO-NS
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To insure the safety of both commercial and recreational boaters through accurate, up-to-date, and fully operational navigation systems.