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Legal Affairs

About Legal Affairs

The District Legal Department (Legal/Parlimentarian) serves as counsel to the District Commodore and Director of Auxiliary, and provides legal services in selected matters to the Chain of Leadership. We review and approve contracts and memoranda of understanding proposed by units, review and approve unit standing rules, interpret and advise on Coast Guard and Auxiliary regulations/policies, assist with disciplinary proceedings and advise the District Board on parliamentary procedures.


The Legal Services Department has the following programs to assist unit leadership:

  • Review and assistance with contracts, licenses, and other agreements;
  • Guidance and training on Assignment to Duty issues;
  • Assistance and advice with unit Standing Rules; formation of units;
  • Parlimentary procedures;
  • Taxation issues (especially state sales tax); Gifts and donations;
  • Accidents and injury reporting and follow-up;
Michael C. Johnson, DSO-LP
Michael C. Johnson, DSO-LP


  • Michael C. Johnson, DSO-LP
  • Ivan S. Abrams, ADSO-LP
  • William Amphlett Evans, ADSO-LP
  • Richard G. Heller, ADSO-LP
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