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Communication Services

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About Communication Services

The Communications Services Department is responsible for the Internet presence of the District and its divisions and flotillas, especially the development of tools and services to permit the display and management of content.


  • District, Division, and Flotilla web site presence
  • Support of content and training of content administrators
  • Support of information outreach for PA, PB, PE, VE and other areas
  • Online Public Education Calendar Platform
  • Online Member Training Calendar Platform
  • Online District Calendar Platform
  • District Conference Registration Platform and Data Administrator

News & Notices


Here is a nice document that discusses working with the Millenial generation. People sometimes have difficulty relating to people from other generations, and today's young adults are more aware than people have ever been at the same point in their lives. Check out this review of generational changes and ideas and you may find it much easier to relate to people from any generation.

Chuck Hutchings, DSO-CS
Chuck Hutchings, DSO-CS


  • Chuck Hutchings, DSO-CS
  • Jeffrey E. Robins, ADSO-CS
  • Tyler Tong, ADSO-CS
  • (As of 19 Sep 2019 01:19:26 PDT)


The CS Department is committed to supporting, enhancing and optimizing the presentation and display of information produced or provided by District 11SR, it's Divisions and Flotillas. The Department is further committed to ensuring the veracity and value of information available through District, Division and Flotilla web sites and the timeliness and relevance of said information in support of the missions of the US Coast Guard and the US Coast Guard Auxiliary.