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District Chief of Staff

About District Chief of Staff

Under the general direction of the District Commodore (DCO), the District Chief of Staff (DCOS) is responsible for the internal operations of the District, with direct supervision over the District Captains (DCAPTs) and District Directorate Chiefs (DDCs), and indirect supervision over all appointed District Staff Officers (DSOs) except those designated to report directly to the DCO.


  • Serves as member of the District Executive Committee (DEXCOM) as outline in the Auxiliary Manual
  • Acts on behalf of the DCO when the DCO is out of the Region or has designated the DCOS to do so.
  • Prepares the consolidated District Elected and Staff Reports; the PACAREA Quarterly OPCOM Report, and the other reports, as assigned, for review and approval of the DCO.
  • Maintains an open line of communication with all Auxiliary Personnel reporting directly or indirectly to DCOS position.
  • Maintains an open line of communication with the DCO and keeps the DCO briefed on all actions emanating from the staff and Departments reporting to the DCOS position. 
Charles W. Geiger, DCOS
Charles W. Geiger, DCOS