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Civil Rights Coordinator

About Civil Rights Coordinator

The U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary are committed to full compliance with civil rights and equal opportunity principles. The Commander, 11th Coast Guard District is responsible for carrying out the spirit and intent of the Coast Guard's equal opportunity program.

The Auxiliary Civil Rights Coordinator is an adjunct member of the Coast Guard district's civil rights program staff and is responsible for administering equal opportunity policies within the Region, and investigating discrimination and sexual harassment complaints. Only past division commanders or higher may be appointed to this role.

Although attempting to resolve issues at the flotilla level is generally considered the first step, all Auxiliary members have the right to communicate informally and directly with the District Civil Rights Coordinator,  without regards to the Chain of Leadership and Management", i.e, without first contacting his or her Flotilla Commander.


  • Translate U.S. Coast Guard equal opportunity programs to Auxiliary District 11 Southern Region;
  • Serve on the District Commander's civil rights program staff;
  • Provide formal assistance and guidance to members and  units on civil rights issues;
  • Resolve civil rights and sexual harassment complaints not successfully resolved at the flotilla level, and
  • Receive complaints informally from and provide counsel directly to any member who has a complaint.
Marvin I Karp<br />Civil Rights Coordinator
Marvin I Karp
Civil Rights Coordinator