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Training Available to Auxiliary Members

  • Member Training includes all training provided in and by the Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary for Auxiliary members. It spans three (3)  directorates: Logistics, Response, and Prevention. It includes AUXOP courses, certification courses, public education courses, mandatory workshops, and mandated training.

    This website focuses on both providing support for members seeking elective or mandatory training, and providing support for instructors.

  • Support for Members as Instructors
  • All support for instructors can be found in the Job Aid Kit for the Member Training District Staff Officer (DSO-MT). Click on "Staff Departments" to the left, and then on "Job Aid Kit for Instructors", under Member Training, in the page that opens up. Click here for a quick link to the Job Aid Kit for Instructors.

  • Support for Members as Students
  • Member training breaks down into three (3) categories: (1) Member training on any competency (e.g., boat crew, aids verifier, telecommunications operator, etc.); (2) Other elective training such as AUXOP; and (3) Mandatory one-time and recurring training (such as Suicide Prevention; Sexual Harrassment, Ethics, etc.). You may find the relevant training materials on this website organized as follows

    • Member Training on any Competency) - visit the Job Aid Kit for the respective specialty (e.g., Surface Operations, Navigation Systems, etc.). Click on Boating Safety Departments, Operations Departments, and Staff Departments to the left to reveal the various departments that may offer training in their area. Training information will be in each respective Job Aid Kit.  For example, to read up on member training for becoming an ATON Verifier, visit the Job Aid Kit under Navigation Systems in the Boating Safety section.
    • AUXOP Training - visit both the AUXOP Program, and the Training Job Aid Kit, showing under Member Training, to the left.
    • Other Elective Member Training, General - visit the Training Job Aid Kit, showing to the left.
    • Mandatory One-time and Recurring Training - visit the Training Job Aid Kit, showing to the left.
    • Member Training Calendar (District-wide) - visit "Member Training", under "Calendars/Reports/Plans", showing to the left. For a quick link, click here.

    Regardless of where the information is found, within each course, the member needs to know the prerequisites and be able to find: manuals, exams, PQS’s (Performance Qualification Standard), while the instructors also need the revelant presentation materials, such as PowerPoint presentations.  To simplify finding all of the relevant material, a "one-stop" Member Training Compendium has been prepared.

  • To provide a single source for all member training information, the DSO-MT has created a Member Training Compendium in the form of an Excel spreadsheet, with active links for every single piece of supporting material. The Compendium is your one-stop source of all member training.

  • A district-wide member training calendar may be found on this site, under "Calendars/Reports/Plans", to the left. A quick link may be found here.

    The Member Training Calendar offers units the opportunity to share scarce training with members from other units (and receive the same benefit in return), and give members greater flexibility when the course that they need or want is not being offered by their own flotilla.

    Every flotilla should list every single member training course planned in the Member Training Calendar.  To do so, it is as simple as sending an email to the DSO-MT with the following information: What, Where, When (date and class hours) and Who (Point of Contact information).  If you are an FSO-MT and are not sharing your training schedule, you are shortchanging your shipmates!