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About the District 11SR Website

  • This site is focused on the approximately 2,000 volunteer members of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary serving in District 11, Southern Region, and our millions of boating friends and neighbors in our "AOR" area of responsibility Southern California, Arizona, and the Colorado River basins in Nevada and Utah.

  • For Members: A Complete "Job Aid Kit"
  • Our goal is to give the members and officers in D11SR  quick, easy access to as many of the tools as they need. Central to this concept is the "Job Aid Kit" a Coast Guard concept that packages "everything you need to know to do your job" in one place often a pocket-sized handbook.

    Here you will find an online Job Aid Kit for every staff office, and more. The Job Aid Kits are primarily targeted at their respective District, division, and flotilla staff officers, but are also of immense value to members interacting with these disciplines.  For example, a boat crew candidate will find job-critical information in the Surface Operations Job Aid Kit, and all members will enjoy the Member Job Aid kit, with its access to forms, manuals, directories, uniform information and the like.

    And new members will discover that information is presented in an approachable, tutorial fashion that will hasten their integration into one of the world's largest volunteer organizations.

  • For the Boating Public: A Window Into the Auxiliary, and a Door to Boating Safety
  • This site also serves the boating public. Here, you'll find a wealth of information about the Auxiliary's Recreational Boating Safety programs such as our free Vessel Safety Check, or our public education courses. Every Coast Guard Auxiliary boating course offered in our AOR is described here, as well as a calendar of all sessions and locations. And more.

    Additionally, there are important links to other boating safety information, collected in one place, that give you access to important state and local resources.  

    But this site is also a window into an exceptional organization; we grow and continue to serve because members of the community boater and non-boaters alike become intrigued with our mission and join us. This Website lets you know who we are, why we are important, and how you can participate.

    JOIN US!

  • Photographs/Illustrations Disclaimer
  • All digital photographs on this site have been processed to meet presentation and bandwidth requirements and should be considered illustrations unless otherwise noted.

  • Photo Credits
  • In addition to stock U.S. Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary photos, photos used in illustrations were provided by Kim Armstrong (5-12), Valli Compton (6-1), and Steve Lee (12-4). If your photo is being used here and you are not credited, please use the Feedback page to point out the page, photo, and omission.

  • About the Site
  • This JavaScript-free Website is built upon a custom "content management system, designed and built by and for the District. It is the first of its kind in the Auxiliary, and sets a new standard in organization, ease of use, and simplicity of content management. The "Platform", as it is called, has been adopted as the core technology for the Coast Guard Auxiliary's WOW Pushbutton Website platform, now in use by nearly 700 websites.

    The Platform has a PHP and Smarty infrastructure, and runs in a LAMP environment. Administrative dashboards have been built with Xlinesoft's PHPRunner.

    The overall graphic design of the site, as well as the left menu navigation concept, were suggested by District 11 Northern Region, particularly former District Staff Officer for Communications Services Irene Wetzel, whose participation is gratefully acknowledged.