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Directories for Members

  • Spot artwork Boat Crew Mentor Directory
  • Boat crew mentors guide boat crew, coxswain and PWC operator trainees through the learning process in the Auxiliary's Boat Crew Training Program. In the absence of a formal boat crew training program, mentors work with the trainee to plan the training program, and in all cases, helps the trainee prepare for the various tasks, and signs off the trainee in the relevant Qualification Guide, when the tasks are complete. A trainee may have more than one mentor, and mentors are technically assigned by the trainee's flotilla commander.

    Mentors must be currently or previously certified in the position the trainee is seeking, with their certification not having lapsed for more than 2 years. In addition, all mentors must have attended the District's Boat Crew Mentor Workshop.

    The individuals on the Boat Crew Mentors list have met these requirements for the current year.  The list is maintained by the Operations Training Officer.

  • Spot artwork Test Proctor Directory
  • Members seeking certain qualifications such as coxswain, or Auxiliary Operational Specialist (AUXOP) are required to take one or more closed-book examinations. Although historically, such exams have been taken in a classroom setting, frequently Auxiliarists "challenge" these tests by taking them online, after a course of self- or assisted study, or by requesting a "private" examination using traditional test materials, in their home or elsewhere.

    Such closed-book examinations by policy require a qualified test proctor to be present for the duration of the test.  In a classroom setting, the proctor is typically the course instructor. In the case of a "private" examination with traditional materials, the test proctor must be present to administer the test, after having requested and independently received the test materials from the District's Training Specialist at DIRAUX. For an online test, a test proctor must be present with the student at his or her computer, and must log in using the proctor's own credentials, in order for the online test session to begin.

    The individuals on the Test Proctor list are qualified to administer any Operational Speciality Exam. Only Test Proctors that are also Qualification Examiners (QEs) may proctor the NavRules 70 closed-book exam for coxswain candidates.

    For more information on the actual policy, visit "Member Job Aids" > "District Policies" > "Procedures" and read "Test Administration Policy".

  • Spot artwork AuxNet and Amateur Radio Callsign Directory
  • Auxiliarists who have completed the Telecommunications Performance Qualification Standard (PQS), or who in the past completed the Auxiliary Communications (AUXCOM) specialty course, are issued a two-letter AuxNet callsign, which they use on the air, on any Auxiliary network.

    The password-controlled AuxNet Callsigns list shows these callsign assignments, and well as the Amateur Radio (ham) callsign of members who are amateur radio operators.  The list may be sorted by callsign, member name, member's flotilla, or ham callsign, and a printer-friendly version is available.

  • Outside Links Directory
  • The Outside Link Directory for Members is just one of several link directories on this site. This one focuses on aiding the member do his or her job, and features Coast Guard, Auxiliary, U.S. Government, State, and service-oriented links. Members who would like to see other useful links added should suggest them to the Webmaster via email.