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Currency and Recertification Requirements

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This Job Aid Kit contains an overview of the specific requirements for recertificationin the various competencies below.  However, for more specific information, including relevant forms and procedures, please browse to the relevant Job Aid Kit for the specific competency.

For example, to find forms and procedures for Crew recertification, visit the Surface Operations (Crew/COXN) Job Aid Kit.

Crew Member and Coxswain

Maintaining Qualification as a Crew Member (Crew), Coxswain, or Personal Watercraft (PWC) Operator

Requalifying as a Crew member or Coxswain

Paperwork Submission

Voluntary Downgrading Qualification from Coxswain to Crew

Instructors - Public Education or Member Training

Maintaining Qualification as an Auxiliary Instructor

Requalifying as an Auxiliary Instructor

Paperwork Submission

Program Visitor

Maintaining Qualification as a Program Visitor

Requalifying as a Program Visitor

Paperwork Submission

Vessel Examiner

Maintaining Qualification as a Vessel Examiner

Requalifying as a Vessel Examiner

Paperwork Submission