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Job Aid Kit for Instructors

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This Job Aid Kit is focused on trainers,  support material for the training process, and the support of MT officers. It is not the resource for members seeking information about "member training" for themselves.

For elective or core member training, please refer to the following Job Aid Kits:

  • Member Training on any Competency (e.g., boat crew, aids verifier, etc.) - visit the Job Aid Kit for the respective specialty (e.g., Surface Operations, Navigation Systems, etc.)
  • Other Elective Member Training (such as AUXOP) - visit Member Job Aids > Member Training
  • Mandatory One-time and Recurring Training - ibid.
  • Member Training Calendar (District-wide) - ibid.

For list of Boat Crew Mentors and Test Proctors, see Member Job Aids > Directories.

For a comprehensive collection of training materials, be sure to check the Training Directorate web site.

Instructor Materials

Vessel Examiner (VE) Workshop Information

Member Training Overview and Compendium (Master Course List)

Program Visitation (PV) Workshop Information