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Suddenly in Command (SIC) Course DescriptionBACK TO CLASSES

The captain becomes incapacitated or falls overboard; you purchase a new boat and step aboard for the first time. You are Suddenly In Command.

This 4-hour boating safety primer is designed for those not generally at the helm, and will help you to "be prepared" with the basics in case of an emergency.

You will learn about your vessel, including nomenclature and operating principles including starting the engine. Also included are descriptions of what causes boating mishaps and how to minimize them, basic boat handling and what equipment should be on board.

Literature contains many horror stories about a passenger, who does not know how to start the engine or operate the radio, watching in horror as a strong wind blows the boat away faster than a captain who has fallen overboard can swim.

Misfortunes occurs in seconds, and you have the rest of your life to be grateful that you knew what to do because you were prepared.

Suddenly in Command (SIC) Class Schedules

There are currently no scheduled classes for this curriculum.