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The U. S. Coast Guard Auxiliary's Personal Watercraft course is a very basic introduction to the safety issues involved when operating a PWC.

Because of its brevity, it is not approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) nor is it approved by most of the states which require formal instruction in order to operate a boat. Our Boating Skills & Seamanship course is more appropriate for meeting legal requirements

The purpose of the course and its associated text, Personal Watercraft Rider's Handbook, is to teach that PWCs are true boats and that their skippers have the same legal responsibilities, and should learn the "rules of the road, to the same degree as any other boater." Individuals who successfully complete the course and exam are awarded certificates and cards.

NOTE: Utah state law requires a personal water craft course to operate a PWC. The USCG Auxiliary in the State of Utah teaches the required class, different from this one. Contact the flotilla nearest your location for further information.

Personal Watercraft Course (PWC) Class Schedules

There are currently no scheduled classes for this curriculum.