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District 11SR Executive Committee

The District Executive Committee (DEXCOM) is charged with managing a
Coast Guard Auxiliary district’s day-to-day operations

Photo of Chris A. Harshfield, District Commodore.

District Commodore

Chris A. Harshfield

The District Commodore (DCO) is the senior elected Auxiliary leader in the District, and presides over the Executive Committee (shown here), the policy-making District Board, and the District Staff. The DCO is elected for 2 years and works hand in hand with the Director of Auxiliary in carrying out Auxiliary national, District, and U.S. Coast Guard policy.

Photo of CDR Paige A. Keenan, USCG, Director of Auxiliary.

Director of Auxiliary

CDR Paige A. Keenan, USCG

The Director of Auxiliary (DIRAUX) is a senior, active-duty U.S. Coast Guard officer charged with the active promotion and administration of Auxiliary affairs in the District, and for compliance with instructions and directives governing the Auxiliary organization. The DIRAUX is the direct representative of the Commander, District 11, a rear admiral, and receives policy direction from the Chief Director of Auxiliary (CHDIRAUX) in Washington, DC.

Photo of Charles W. Geiger, District Chief Of Staff.

District Chief Of Staff

Charles W. Geiger

The District Chief of Staff (DCOS) is the number two elected leader in the District, and, under the DCO's general direction, presides over the District Staff through District Directorate Chiefs (DDCs). The DCOS assists in the general administration and accomplishment of all district activities.

Photo of Christopher C. Milano, District Captain San Diego/Inland.

District Captain San Diego/Inland

Christopher C. Milano

The District Captain San Diego/Inland reports to the District Commodore and supervises Divisions 1, 9, and 10.

Photo of Norman M. Bundek, District Captain North.

District Captain North

Norman M. Bundek

The District Captain Los Angeles/Long Beach North reports to the District Commodore and supervises Divisions 4, 7, and 12.

Photo of William J. Kopenski, District Captain South.

District Captain South

William J. Kopenski

The District Captain Los Angeles/Long Beach South reports to the District Commodore and supervises Divisions 5, 6, and 11.

Photo of Thomas J. Stoddard, Immediate Past District Commodore.

Immediate Past District Commodore

Thomas J. Stoddard

The Immediate Past District Commodore (IPDCO) is the most recently-elected District Commodore before the current DCO. The IPDCO's presence on the District Bridge and as a voting member of the District Board aids in continuity across the every-two-years changes of watch.